Preview of the Railvolution 5/2011

EXPO 1520
From 7 to 10 September 2011 the VNIIZhT’s experimental test circuit at Scherbinka, near Moskva, hosted the Third International Railway Salon - EXPO 1520, the only specialised exhibition event dedicated to the railway industry in the former Soviet Union and ex-Soviet countries, which have 1,520 mm rail networks. On the following pages we take a look at the most outstanding exhibits.
The photo was taken on 7 September 2011 and shows part of the motive power waiting for start of this magnificent and elaborate cavalcade. The first locomotive is TEP70BS-151, which is produced by TMH’s Kolomensky zavod of Kolomna. The second locomotive visible is the 3 kV DC Sinara 2ES6-126, produced by Uralskie lokomotivy.
Photo: Jaromír Pernička
New KVSZ Products For Ukraine
This year Ukraine celebrates the tenth anniversary of construction of its own passenger carriages. The first were outshopped in August 2001 from Kryukovsky vagonostroitelny zavod (KVSZ), the carriage and wagon works situated in Kremenchug, about 350 km southeast of Ky’jiv. There were 34 of these vehicles, and they currently are used to form the „Stolichny express“ trains operating at a top speed of 140 km/h on the Ky’jiv to Kharkov and Ky’jiv to Dnepropetrovsk routes.
Model 62-706 is the very first EMU built by KVSZ.
Photo: KVSZ
Koleje Śląskie Starts Up
On 1 October 2011 the new Polish passenger operator Koleje Śląskie (KŚ), founded by Województwo Śląskie (Śląsk provincial council) in April 2010, started up local services within the Śląsk industrial conurbation.
Here we we see the first „Wisełka“ train KŚ 44347 formed by EN76-006 crossing the viaduct near the upper terminus on this scenic branch line on 1 October 2011.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
ETCS In Regular Use In Slovakia - Introduction And Experiences
In 2005 the Slovakian rail infrastructure manager ŽSR (Železnice Slovenskej republiky) started installation of ETCS Level 1 on a 89 km stretch of the Bratislava-Rača to Nové Mesto nad Váhom main line, and this historic pilot project was commissioned on 12 December 2010. The first sections of the line were equipped with ETCS infrastructure supplied by Siemens, while several of operator ZSSK’s locomotives have had on-board ETCS installed, supplied by Thales.
ZSSK‘s „Gorila“ 350.006 was the first locomotive of its class equipped with on-board ETCS, hence its advertising livery. Here it is on 18 March 2010 at Pezinok (near Bratislava) on its very first test run on which the functioning of the new on-board ETCS equipment was verified between Bratislava, Leopoldov and Trenčianske Bohuslavice.
Photo: Peter Melicher
RegioJet Takes Off!
One of relatively few the European projects for a frequent open access passenger operation started up on 26 September 2011 between Praha and industrial area of Ostrava in the northeast Czech Republic, trains calling at certain intermediate stations en route. On this busy rail corridor, passengers can now choose between ČD services, including Pendolinos, and RegioJet’s bright yellow trains.
This is what a full RJ train looks like at present, five coaches topped and tailed by Class 162s.
Photo: Stanislav Zapletal
Reducing Tram Energy Consumption At De Lijn
In the winter of 2007 De Lijn undertook, using the operator’s own measuring equipment, various small scale and short term measurements, which indicate that the winter heating of the interiors of company’s new „Hermelijn“ type low floor trams costs more than running them from point A to point B!
This is 6309 - the measuring tram, seen here at the Koning Albertbrug stop on 17 December 2010, en route from Sint Pieters station.
Photo: De Lijn
And much more!
Cover of 5/2011

Features: the new ICE 407 502 on a test run near Nürnberg on 19 April 2011.