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ČD Railjet On Tour In Slovakia

posted on 4th Nov 2014 13:15

Early in the morning of 3 November 2014 a ČD railjet with driving trailer 80 91-004 hauled by ÖBB's Taurus 1216 234 arrived in Slovakia for five days of EMC testing on specific parts of ŽSR's infrastructure. The first day involved a test run on the Martin to Vrútky part of line, as far as Zvolen. One purpose of this run was to monitor reactions generated by the wheelset detectors on a level crossing in Martin. This first photo shows the train en route to Martin, with the Malá Fatra mountains in the background. The second photo was taken at Vrútky station. Subsequent tests runs were to be made over six stretches of the ŽSR network.
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