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More Slovakian Open Access Railfreight On The SŽDC Network

posted on 2nd Aug 2013 17:21

Starting in the second half of June, Express Rail started operating open access freights in the Czech Republic, using its own licence. This is the third Slovakian operator to do so, following in the footsteps of PSŽ and SŽDS. On average three times per week, Express Rail hauls trains of coke originating in Poland and bound for Romania, this being a steady market for a number of operators and forwarders. Haulage in Slovakia and the Czech Republic is provided by Express Rail’s 189 845, shown here at Ostrava-Svinov on 29 July 2013 waiting to return to Slovakia once another train of coke is ready. On this occasion it had to wait a couple of days. Another Slovakian locomotive, ZSSK’s 362.005, is passing through the station heading EC 131 "Varsovia" Warszawa - Budapest.
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