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New „Caledonian Sleeper“ Stock

New „Caledonian Sleeper“ Stock

CAF has recently won a number of significant export orders. While its DMUs are a familiar scene in Eire, across the waters of the Irish Sea within a few years a new fleet of luxurious sleeping cars will be making a debut on the popular „Caledonian Sleeper“ services between London and Scotland.

Foto: The Highland „Caledonian Sleeper“, reporting number 1S25, prior to its 21.15 departure from London Euston behind DB Schenker’s 90018, on 30 May 2013.

Photo:Bob Sweet

RZD’s Recent And Planned Locomotive Acquisitions

RZD’s Recent And Planned Locomotive Acquisitions

In 2014, as part of its fleet modernisation programme, RZD spent 76.5 billion RUB (around 1.5 billion EUR at the October 2014 exchange rate). 660 new locomotives were incorporated in the fleet. These included 411 electrics and 249 diesels.

Foto: Skif 2ES5-004 at the NEVZ works on 15 March 2015.

Photo:Denis Artamonov

Kazakhstan: Yet More Tulpar-Talgo Trains

Kazakhstan: Yet More Tulpar-Talgo Trains

Tulpar-Talgo was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between Patentes Talgo of Spain and state operator Kazakhstan Temir Zholy. Since then KTZ has significantly expanded the number of services operated using rakes of stock built by the joint venture, transforming the quality of domestic long distance passenger services.

Foto: Train 69 Almaty 2 - Zashchita waiting for departure from Almaty-2 on the first day of this service, 29 October 2014. KZ4AS-0015 hauled the train only between Almaty-2 and Almaty-1, where it was replaced by a diesel, TE33A-0214.

Photo:Mikhail Utkin

A Plethora Of Vectrons II

A Plethora Of Vectrons II

We take another look at the numerous developments which have recently happened within the Vectron family.

Foto: The photo shows 193 971, a Vectron being sent to Finland for evaluation by VR, en route from München to Rostock. Haulage is provided by RailAdventure’s 103 222. But the 1,524 mm gauge Vectron is mounted on 1,435 mm „Loco Buggies“ developed to overcome the gauge difference.

Photo:Andreas Dollinger

Railvolution 2/15

Poster of Railvolution 2/15
Poster represents KTZ's KZ8A 0024, which has just received preventive maintenance at the EKZ works in Astana.

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