Our magazine's circulation is 20 000 copies and the publication is primarily intended for technical staff and managers of railway transport industry - state and railway institutions, private carriers, railway vehicle manufactures and their contractors, infrastructure administrators, transport authorities, development and research institutes, etc.

You might like to consider using Railvolution as a showcase for your company's products or activities. In such an instance we offer you a suite of advertising options.



Your company name and/or logo emblazoned on our front cover, together with a photo of your choice, a format which not one of our readers can miss!

Back Cover


An A4 advertisement on the outside of the back cover. Just consider how many readers leave magazines lying face-down on tables ...



A foreword will enable you to tell our readers even more about your company’s or organisation’s products and philosophies.

Standard advertisements


Standard advertisements, of various sizes and formats, on the inside pages of the magazine, often serve as eye-catching links to related pieces of news, or full-length articles.

A2 format poster


For your office or factory wall, or for your trade fair or exhibition stand, why not create a lasting impact with a full-colour A2 format poster, boldly proclaiming your company’s name or logo?



Do you have an article to publish, or would you like a souvenir for your clients of an article we have published concerning your company’s activities or products? In that case, why not ask us for a quote for a batch of offprints? The more you order, the cheaper they are!

Why not consider Railvolution as a unique showcase for your company's products or activities?

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