Preview of the Railvolution 1/2014

ČD Debuts First Railjet
On 12 February 2014 at Siemens’s works on Leberstrasse, in the Simmering district of Wien, the manufacturer and ČD jointly arranged a debut presentation of the latter’s first railjet rake.
On the morning of 12 February 2014 the first ČD Railjet waits in the storage sidings at Wien-Penzing prior to a test run to Ebenfurth. On the right can be seen two ÖBB railjets, with driving trailers 80-90 750 and 702.
Photo: Jaromír Pernička
The Latest Chinese High Speed Trains
In 2013 China CNR Corporation Limited outshopped two new classes of Chinese high speed trains. The first was an EMU, initially designated Class CRH3A.
The prototype CRH3A-001 at the CNR Changchun works on 8 June 2013, the day when the train, which now bears the number CJ-1001, was presented on the company’s test track.
Photo: CNR
Estonian FLIRTs
In August 2010 Estonian operator Elektriraudtee placed an order with Stadler for 12 three-car and six four-car EMUs and six two-car, eight three-car and six four-car DMUs - 38 trains in all. This contract resulted in the creation of the very first FLIRT DMU, equipped with a power module between the cars with passenger accommodation.
FLIRT EMU 1401 in the company of an older EMU, ER2-2204, at Pääsküla depot, to the southwest of Tallinn, on 24 January 2013.
Photo: Jaromír Pernička
Winter Olympics 2014
Shortly prior to the start of the event under a policy of "Open Doors" during the period of the Games, between 6 and 23 February, free rail travel was made available to all passengers using local services in the Sochi olympic area.
A Class ES1 EMUs crossing one of the lengthy bridges spanning the Mzymta river, on the line to the ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana, deep in the Caucasus mountains.
Photo: RZD
Newag’s Dragon Locomotives Powered By ABB
Combining their international experience with know-how gained during fifty years of modernisation and repair works of the rolling stock as well as with their own market research, designers from Newag Gliwice have created the first modern Polish-built electric locomotive for hauling heavy freight trains adapted to the needs of the Polish market.
The flagships of Newag Gliwice: Griffin and Dragon. This photo was taken at Gliwice works on 29 January 2014.
Photo: Maciej Duczyński, Newag Gliwice
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Features: a view from the Fourth International Railway Salon - EXPO 1520 held between 11 and 14 September 2013 at Shcherbinka.