Preview of the Railvolution 1/2015

Clipping The Spanish Speedbird’s Wings
Spain is currently re-addressing its high speed line construction programme, in the light of the economic recession. There will be some inaugurations of new railways during 2015. But which lines will definitely be ready for traffic by the end of the year?
North of Cáceres the Extremadura HSL borders the east bank of the Alcántara reservoir, formed by the Tajo river. Here there are two massive viaducts.
Photo: Adif
SBB’s Class Re 460 Modernisation Programme
In early December 2014 the SBB works in Yverdon-les-Bains completed the modernisation of 460 084, the project having taken about a year to realise.
460 084 is shown there on 8 December 2014.
Photo: SBB
„RailwayCube Berlin“ (Part 3)
In this number of Railvolution we conclude our coverage of InnoTrans 2014. Our main focus here is on urban public transport, bogies, wagons, together with a look at a diverse assortment of rail-related components. We also provide a series of reports on locomotives which we were unable to incorporate in the first two parts of this report.
The accompanying photo shows the Siemens-built Avenio tram 2806.
Photo: Bohuslav Kotál
Oberpfalzbahn’s LINK DMUs Replaced
In R 6/14, p. 59, we reported on developments in the German authorisation procedures involving the batch of 12 two-car LINK DMUs destined for Länderbahn subsidiary Oberpfalzbahn. On 25 February 2015 Länderbahn announced that it had placed an order with Alstom for LINT 41 DMUs to replace the Oberpfalzbahn LINK DMUs, since they had still not been granted authorisation.
In October 2014 632 008 appeared in Germany, to be used for EBA authorisation purposes. The photo, taken on 18 November 2014, shows it at Frankfurt am Main Hbf.
Photo: Albert Hitfield
Free Rail Travel In Slovakia
On 22 October 2014 the Slovakian government accepted Resolution 530/2014, entitled „Draft Government Proposals for Creation of a Financial, Economic and Social Package for Passenger Rail Travel in Slovakia”. The end result is that certain groups of passengers travelling in trains in public service obligation are entitled to free rail travel, the measures being implemented on 17 November 2014.
For this situation ZSSK had to asked to hire from ČD both motive power and rolling stock. Five Class 754 diesels were hired, together with 20 Class B and 20 Class Bdt second class carriages. In the photo, taken at Štrba on 26 November 2014, are visible some of the ČD cars incorporated in the train R 606 Košice - Bratislava
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
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Cover of 1/2015

Features: the first pre-series Class 800 IEP train at Kasado works.