Preview of the Railvolution 1/2016

A Visit To The Legios Loco Works
In the past we have published frequent reports on the products of Legios Loco. The company’s wagons have been exhibited at various trade fairs. However it is now high time we visited the company’s two wagon works, the original one in Louny and the more recent establishment in Horní Slavkov.
The photo was taken on 10 December 2015. It shows ČD Cargo s 742.394 hauling a rake of 20 Type Class 88 m3 RTI Wagon tank wagons which have just been completed at the factory at Louny.
Photo: Richard Petřivalský
Berlin-Ostkreuz Reconstruction
On 12 December 2015, for the first time ever, DB Regio services started calling at Berlin-Ostkreuz, which is situated in Friedrichs-hain in the eastern suburbs of the German capital.
This was the first service to use the upper level Platform Ro on 12 December 2015, DB Regio’s Talent 2 EMU, 442 631.
Photo: Matthias Winkler
1,520 mm Gauge KISS EMUs
In 2012 Aeroexpress invited tenders for a batch of double deck trains. This decision was based on research indicating that the company would soon encounter problems with lack of capacity on board its existing EMU fleet.
The photo, taken on 1 September 2015, shows ESh2-001 during one of the demonstration runs made during EXPO 1520.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Kazakh Evolution Deliveries
In December 2014 TEP33A-0002, one of the first two locomotives of the passenger version of KTZ’s freight Class TE33A, was presented at the LKZ works in Astana. In 2015 both prototypes were tested by the manufacturer, and in January 2016 they were handed over to KTZ.
The photo was taken at Almaty-1 on 7 February 2016 and shows TEP33A-0002 together with TE33A-0234.
Photo: Mikhail Utkin
Developments On South African Railways
The Republic of South Africa is famous for its network of 1,067 mm gauge railways. Since 2015 the operators have been receiving deliveries of various types of new locomotives and multiple units. The orders for these vehicles are numerically huge, but what is also interesting is that many of the designs have European, American and Chinese origins.
The accompanying photo shows 4011 and 4010 at Table Bay Harbour in Cape Town on 2 April 2015, shortly after being disembarked.
Photo: André Kritzinger
Removing The Kölliken Hazardous Waste Dump
Since 1978 the village of Kölliken south of Aarau has been the site of a hazardous waste landfill dump. The waste is now being removed, mainly by rail, and since January 2015 Swiss Rail Traffic’s TRAXX Last Mile Rem 487 001 has been a regular performer on the trains.
This photo was taken on 22 January 2016 near Walterswil-Striegel and shows SRT’s Rem 487 001 on a rake of empty containers.
Photo: Daniel Wipf
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Features: CZ LOKO’s 741.712 at ArcelorMittal Ostrava ironworks on 26 February 2016.