Preview of the Railvolution 1/2018

CAF’s Civity UK Multiple Units

On 22 January 2016 Eversholt Rail announced that it had signed a 492 million GBP contract with Arriva Rail North and CAF, under which the latter would build 31 three-car and 12 four-car Class 331 EMUs and 25 two-car and 30 three-car Class 195 DMUs, in all 98 new trains their design based on that of the Civity family. The EMUs are now taking shape at CAF’s Zaragoza works.
Photo: On 31 January 2018 CAF presented the first four-car Class 331.1 EMU destined for Arriva Trains Northern.

TWINDEXX Vario EMUs Enter Service

One of the developments which took place on the German network with the introduction of the 2018 timetable was the putting of the Class 445 and 446 TWINDEXX Vario EMUs into regular service.
Photo: This photo was taken on 8 March 2018 at Kiel Hbf. On the right ICE 4 9005 is to form train ICE 885 to München, on the left TWINDEXX Vario, with end car 445 036, is to form train RE 21129 to Hamburg.

SALi - „South American Light“ Locomotives

On 19 February 2018 Stadler announced its first-ever order for new locomotives for use in Bolivia, thus maintaining a longstanding tradition of Swiss locomotive suppliers to this mountainous country.
Photo: These locomotives are derived from the EURO 4000, UKLight and EURODUAL families, but are specifically for the South American metre gauge market, have a top service speed of 100 km/h, and are Co’Co’ machines.

A Visit To Stadler’s València Works

In November 2015 it was announced that Vossloh España’s factory in the Valenciano suburb of Albuixech was to be taken over by Stadler, becoming Stadler València. By inheritance Stadler Rail thus became one of the Europe’s major builders of diesel-electric and electro-diesel locomotives.
Photo: The bodyshell of HVLE’s second EURODUAL recently emerged from the paint shop, having received a coating of primer.

More ZSSK Vectrons Delivered

On 25 February 2018 Vectrons 383.104 to 107 arrived in Slovakia. These are four more of the ten Vectron MS locomotives ordered via train lessor S Rail Lease.
Photo: The photo shows Vectrons shortly after arriving from München via Austria at Bratislava-Petržalka. Closest to the camera is 383.105, followed by 104, 106 and 107.

Prima News Round-Up

On 10 March 2018 Alstom announced the completion of the first Class WAG12 electric locomotive, 60001, part of the Prima family, at its new factory in Madhepura in Bihar State, India.
Photo: The photo shows WAG12 60001 on the test track in the new Madhepura factory in late February 2018.

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