Preview of the Railvolution 3/2015

Latest Polish Trains On Test At Źmigród
The Instytut Kolejnictwa’s test circuit near Źmigród has received an exceptional number of visitors in recent months. Various types of EMU, DMU, carriages and wagons have been subjected to testing.
This photo shows ED160-001 on 10 June 2015 during brake tests at Źmigród, at km 0 of the test circuit, near the test base complex.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Himmelstreppe Through Ötscher:Reich
Over the past four years, as part of a policy pursued by Niederösterreich the 84 km 760 mm gauge Mariazellerbahn has been subjected to a major upgrade, and the train fleet used on regular services has also been rejuvenated.
ET2 and the Ötscher (the highest peak on the left). The train is here negotiating the highest part of the line, between Gösing and Annaberg.
Photo: NÖVOG
Slovakian And Czech Open Access Developments
Starting on 17 November 2014 Slovakia introduced a very generous concessionary fares system, resulting in some 40 % of the country’s population, together with EU visitors from abroad who fulfil the requirements, being entitled to free rail travel. Then on 1 February 2015 further fare discounts of between 35 and 50 % were introduced on multiple-journey tickets used by passengers who commute regularly to work. How is this policy affecting patronage on open access services?
Since March 2015 the yellow-liveried Vectrons, which were originally hired for use in Slovakia, have been making frequent forays into the Czech Republic. On 16 April 193 206 waits at Praha hl. n. with RJ’s IC 1000 alongside ČD’s 380.020 with EC 176 „Johannes Brahms“.
Photo: Bohuslav Kotál
New Russian Double Deck Carriages Presented
Between 27 and 28 April 2015 an inter-departmental take-over committee met at the TVZ works, to evaluate the new Model 61-4492 double deck day carriages being built for RZD’s long distance passenger service operating subsidiary FPK.
The first two Model 61-4492 carriages at the TVZ works on 28 April 2015.
Photo: TMH
Swift Airborne
On 18 June 2011 RZD placed an order with Patentes Talgo for seven 20-car rakes of carriages, four originally envisaged for Kyiv to Moskva and three for Berlin to Moskva services. Since then, Nizhny Novgorod has replaced Kyiv as the destination for the fixed-gauge stock, and on 1 June 2015 services, usually three train pairs daily, started on this route.
A Talgo rake during final testing on 27 April 2015 crossing the Andronikov bridge in Moskva.
Photo: RZD
KISSes For Baku And Recent ADY Developments
Negotiations between Stadler and state operator Azərbaycan Dəmir Yolları had been in progress for some time when, on 13 May, at the TransCaspian 2015 transport and logistics trade fair in Baku, it was formally announced that the Swiss manufacturer was to provide five four-car KISS double deck EMUs for suburban services.
Eş2-003 at Koroğlu station near the Olympic stadium on 3 June 2015.
Photo: President Aliyev’s press office
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Cover of 3/2015

Features: two Class 741.7 diesel locomotives of a CZ LOKO origin used by TCDD for rescue duties in the Marmaray tunnel, here being disembarked in Istanbul on 29 August 2014.