Preview of the Railvolution 4/2004

SBB’s Am 843 Diesels
The roll-out of the first MaK 1700 BB diesel-hydraulic Class Am 843 locomotive for SBB took place at the Vossloh Locomotives factory in Kiel on 24 October 2003. Although this type now operates in several European countries, the batch of 59 Am 843s is the first-ever significant order of diesel-hydraulics by SBB as part of a major locomotive fleet renewal programme.
Am 843 053 is usually employed on freights between Luzern and Schüpfheim. On 28 May 2004 it passes through Wolhusen with a train of empties.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Dm 12 Diesel Railcar For Finnish Railways
At a modest event on 18 June 2004 CKD Vagonka of Ostrava unveiled its new Dm 12 diesel railcar, which is destined for VR. The railcar is designed with a view to operation under the harsh climatic conditions experienced in central Finland, where temperatures can range from -400C in winter to +350C in summer.
Dm 12 001 during intensive testing in northern Moravia, seen here on 9 June 2004 near Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem station.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
FLIRT - "Fast, Lightweight Innovative Regional Train"
4 June 2004 was another milestone date for Stadler, when the first of its FLIRT EMUs destined for Stadtbahn Zug and Regio-S-Bahn Basel services was presented to SBB management and regional authority representatives from both cantons. A total of 42 units (FLIRT stands for "Flinker Leichter Inovativer Regional Triebzug" - "Fast, Lightweight Innovative Regional Train") have been ordered by SBB and the first twelve of these should enter service on 12 December 2004 in Zug canton. The remainder will be delivered to Basel from April 2005 onwards.
The photo shows 521 029 at Bussnang following a Bussnang to Bettwiesen test run on 23 June 2004. This specific run was made to obtain authorisation by BAV for the start of homologation runs on the SBB network. A Thurbo GTW 2/6 can be seen in the background.
Photo: Jaromír Pernička
Czech Raildays 2004
The fifth edition of this annual trade fair of rail technology and service suppliers, the most important event of its kind in the Czech Republic, took place in Ostrava between 15 and 17 June 2004. Let’s have a detailed look at some of the most interesting exhibits...
The presence of two Dispolok machines at Czech Raildays demonstrated not only the design of the locomotives themselves, but also the fact that they are available and suitable for east European operators.
Photo: Jaromír Pernička
Czech Pendolino News
One of the papers presented during the symposium at the 2004 Czech Raildays (see p. 44 - 45) featured the Class 680 Pendolino for âD. This article draws on material from this paper and also offers readers the latest news on progress with these units.
The scene at Savigliano on 26 May 2004, with units 3 and 4 stored on sidings between the ALSTOM factory and the station. This typifies the story of the CD Pendolino - and since the day this photo was taken little has changed, either in this view or regarding the whole situation of 680 delivery and homologation.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Desiros Over The Backbone Of England
A 230 km limestone spinal chord running from the Scottish border to the Trent valley, in places rising to nearly 900 m, the Pennines form a formidable communications barrier between the great connurbations lying on their eastern and western flanks. The awarding of an eight-year franchise to TransPennine Express resulted in an order for 51 Siemens Desiro DMUs with Cummins engines to provide an integrated group of services on the busy railways which traverse England’s mountainous backbone.
Bodyshell mock-up of the Class 185 Desiro for TransPennine Express at the showroom of the mockup manufacturer Stonner in Augsburg.
Photo: TPE
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Cover of 4/2004

Features: RABe 521 029, the very first FLIRT for S-Bahn Basel, on a test run near Märwil station on 23 June 2004.