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FLIRT On Tour! 524 001 Visits Slovenia And Italy
In R 4/07, p. 7, we reported briefly on the promotional visit of TILO FLIRT 524 001 to Slovenia in late June and early July 2007. The train then continued south down the east coast of Italy to Puglia, the province situated right in the „heel“ of the latter country. With summer holidays now just fond memories, we offer you a detailed account of this ground-breaking tour round the shores of the Adriatico.
Sezana, high on the karst plateau above the Golfo di Trieste, is the junction of the lines from Jesenice and Ljubljana. TILO's much-travelled 524 001 is seen here on 4 July 2007 en route to Bari.
Photo: Hans-Ueli Oehninger
Connexxion's PROTOS EMUs
Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau (FTD), as its name suggests, is based in Dessau in Germany, but since May 2006 it has formed part of the Transmashholding group of Moskva. Early in March 2006, just prior to this merger, the company was awarded a contract by Netherlands operator Connexxion for five 2-car 1,5 kV DC EMUs for local services, the prototype PROTOS unit making its debut at InnoTrans 2006. The first two of these trains, whose design is highly modular, entered service in September 2007.
PROTOS 5032 on Sunday 23 September 2007, its first day in commercial service, running as train 31340 on the Ede-Wageningen to Amersfoort service, near Terschuur on the Apeldoorn to Amers-foort line.
Photo: Quintus Vosman
Voith Locomotives And Ox-Traction For Europe
On 25 September 2007 Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik entered into partnership with Hä-fen und Güterverkehr Köln (HGK), under which the latter will realise all servicing and maintenance of the company’s evolving range of locomotives.
Maxima travelled from Germany to the Cerhenice test circuits between 5 and 9 October 2007, using the Bad Schandau/Decin crossborder, where it was incorporated in an ITL freight. Beyond Decin it was marshalled in various CD freights, and routed via Praha and Nymburk. Here we see it on the 6th, when it formed part of train Pn 65405 Kralupy nad Vltavou - Nymburk, hauled by a CD Class 130 electric, at Rez in the Vltava valley.
Photo: Jan Vašíček
The Shcherbinka Test Centre
VNIIZhT stands for Vserossiysky nauchno-issledovatelny institut Zheleznodorozhnogo transporta, which translates as the All-Russia Academic Rail Research Institute. The establishment is situated to the southeast of Moskva, right on the edge of the urban area, near the village of Shcherbinka.
A Class ED9E EMU (see R 3/07, p. 6) and electric double-locomotive VL80T-829 stand at the station on the Shcherbinka test circuit, with the operations control centre in the background on the right. 829 is coupled up to part of the huge heavyweight test train.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Posezenie Kolomenskogo Zavoda
The town of Kolomna lies about 120 km southeast of Moskva and is the long-established home of Kolomensky zavod, a leading manufacturer of main line diesel locomotives, diesel engines and diesel-generators. We make no apologies for printing the title of the article in Cyrillic script - you may already have guessed that it translates as "A Visit To The Kolomna Works". But before we embark upon our tour, let us first take a brief trip through the history of this great establishment...
A view inside the main KZ assembly hall, with the "B" section of 2TE70-007 on the left, and the same machine's "A" section on the right. Both sections of 2TE70-009 can be seen on the left behind the 007.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Oil And Transport (5)
Until the eighteenth century, people lived in balance with nature. They only used energy which was sustainable - that which, derived from the sun’s rays, is transformed by photosynthesis into wood for burning, fodder for draught animals, and food for human consumption. But such fuels were of low calorific value, and hence not suitable for powering machinery.
The photo taken on 3 May 2007 near Luzná u Vsetina shows CD electric 110.029 hauling a train of Falls wagons. This photo shows, that low power shunter is able to transport freight instead of many trucks. But on the other side, low specific power of such train implicates lowering transport capacity of route due to low speed.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Preparation Of ALEX Rolling Stock
The "new" suite of Arriva-operated ALEX services in Bayern is scheduled for launch with the introduction of the 2008 timetable in December 2007, and the rolling stock is now being delivered and tested.
ALEX Eurorunners 223 064, 065, 066 and 067 en route to the Vogtlandbahn depot at Neumark on 11 October 2007.
Photo: Siemens
Passenger Open Access In Czech Republic - One Step Forward, Two Back
The Czech Republic is still managing to retain its reputation as a virtually no-go area for foreign multisystem locomotives and train operators. In these two brief reports we look at a couple of open access passenger schemes which were poised to take off, but which now appear to have been stifled through bureaucratic blocking procedures and interests that remain vested in maintaining the status quo - in other words, ensuring there is no real competition for the State operator to measure up to.
Artist's impression: RAILTRANS
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Features: shows TILO 524 001 on an earlier venture into Italy, crossing the bridge over the Ticino, on the line between Novara, Turbigo and Busto Arsizio, in July 2006.