Preview of the Railvolution 5/2008

First RENFE Media Distancia Class 449 EMU Outshopped
RENFE Media Distancia’s fleets of Class 440 and 448 EMUs, and Class 592, 593 and 596 DMUs have put in sterling service over the past three decades or so, often on long and gruelling routes. In spite of various refurbishment programmes, they are now approaching the end of their useful lives, and in July 2006 CAF received two major orders, for 50 DMUs and 57 EMUs, worth in total 588 million EUR. The first of the EMUs was recently outshopped in Zaragoza.
449 001 on 1 October 2008 at the new Zaragoza-Plaza depot. The train spent two weeks running between Zaragoza-Plaza depot, Casetas and Luceni, on the Ebro valley line. It then went to Alcázar de San Juan to realise braking trials there.
Photo: Javier Peña
Railjet Presentation At Wien-Simmering
On 15 September 2008, at the ÖBB TS works at Wien-Simmering, the media were at long last invited to see inside the real carriages of railjet, during in fact the first official presentation of the train.
Inside the ÖBB works at Simmering on 15 September work continued on the stock for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh railjets; assembly continuing here instead of within the Siemens complex. This photo shows the type Afmpz driving trailer 705, together with one of the Economy class Bmpz carriages, 404/1.
Photo: Petr Kadeřávek
InnoTrans 2008
Between 23 and 26 September 2008, from the Tuesday until the Friday, no fewer than 1,912 exhibitors from 41 countries presented some of their latest products and ideas within the vast exhibition complex, occupying far more of the latter than ever before in the past. Total floorspace occupied was a staggering 150,000 m2, both within the halls and on the fan of sidings adjacent to the buildings.
An aerial photo gives some idea of the vast extent of the Berlin Messe. In the foreground is the outdoor exhibition area, which for 2008 was enlarged, too. In 2006 there were 1,900 m of sidings; this year 3,500 m of track were available for exhibits. Beyond is the great complex of halls. The main entrance, from Jafféstrasse and the adjacent S-Bahn station, is over on the far right, and not completely visible. In the centre of the view are halls 25 and 26, regularly occupied by infrastructure exhibitors, and on their right is the main block of halls, on two levels, used in previous years - 1 to 6. Beyond these is the delightful sunken bowl of the Sommergarten, and also the older ring of halls - from 23 left round, accross 22, 21, 20, 18, 11, 10 and 8 to 7. Only 23 and 22 are fully visible in this view, however; the remainder are off the photo to the left.
Photo: Matthias Winkler
A new era for local rail travellers in the Śląsk conurbation in southern Poland dawned on 30 September 2008, when at Katowice Główny station PKP's first two four-car FLIRT EMUs, EN75-001 and 003, were presented to the general public. The second of these two trains realised a series of demonstration trips to nearby Sosnowiec Główny and back.
The old and new orders at Katowice Główny - EN75-003 and EN57-892 during the presentation event on 30 September 2008.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
Bombardier FLEXX Bogies
With an annual production of 5,000 state-of-the-art units Bombardier is the worldwide leader in bogies. In 43 countries all over the world more than 200,000 of our bogies are doing their operational duty safely and reliably. Each day all of these bogies around the globe run a distance equivalent to 260 times the span between the earth and the moon. Mr. Bart Vantorre, President of BU Bogies, Bombardier Transportation, explains the company's broad portfolio.
FLEXX Urban 1000 bogie, which was used at Brussels BOMBARDIER* FLEXITY* trams.
Photo: Bombardier Transportation
Litohóro To Lárissa Energised
The development and the electrification of Greece's north-south main railway corridor, between Thessaloníki and Athína, continues making slow but steady advances. One of the latest developments was the energising of the catenary on the 71 km section south from Litohóro to Lárissa, on 1 September 2008.
Forming a test train, two Class 460 Desiro EMUs traverse the new Pineios bridge near Lárissa, approaching the latter town, on 3 September 2008.
Photo: Gregory Karathanasis
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Cover of 5/2008

Features: the first re-engined type TGM-4 shunter, 2572, for Alpha Express, at UAB Vilniaus Lokomotyvu remonto depas on 2 October