Preview of the Railvolution 5/2009

FLIRTs For Alger Suburban Services
On 5 July 2005 the Algerian state railway operator, Société Nationale des Transports Ferro-viaires (SNTF), invited tenders for 64 new four-car EMUs, for local services radiating from Alger. The contract, which involves a ten-year maintenance agreement, and provision of a simulator for training drivers, was won by Stadler on 6 May 2006.
FLIRTs 101 and 115 at El Affroun terminus on 1 May 2009.
Photo: Michael Wiegleb
A Visit To OEVRZ
The Oktyabrsky elektrovozoremontny zavod (OEVRZ) is situated in St. Petersburg, belongs to Transmashholding, and focuses mainly on suburban EMU and metro train repairs. It also looks after RZD’s unique ER200 EMU. During our editorial tour of Russian railway works in late June and early July 2009 we were invited to tour this establishment, and here we offer readers an insight into some of its activities.
The photo at the head of this article shows, in the background, the fitting-out hall for refurbished EMUs, where all the components that have been removed are re-installed following attention. Here we see end and intermediate cars belonging to ER2K-995 and ET2R-914, following attention at the works.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
D75 BB-SE Diesels
Two of the most well-known Austrian 760 mm gauge lines are close neighbours, not far from Innsbruck, linking Jenbach and Mayrhofen (the Zillertalbahn; ZB) and Zell am See and Krimml (the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn; PB). Both lines have recently taken delivery of new passenger stock and motive power, and in this article we take a look at the locomotives that have recently entered service.
D13 on 22 April 2005 near Fügen, heading the train loaded with timber for Binderholz of Fügen, nowadays the most important freight customer of Zillertalbahn.
Photo: Kajetan Steiner
New Carriages For Zillertalbahn and Pinzgaubahn
On 21 April 2005 both the Zillertalbahn and the Pinzgaubahn (the latter now operated by Salzburger Lokalbahn), awarded ZOS Vrutky contracts worth in total 6.73 million EUR for batches of driving trailers and intermediate carriages - in all, 13 vehicles.
Driving trailer VSs 102 leading train 3319 Mittersill - Zell am See near Pirtendorf on 29 September 2009. The power motive is Vs 81.
Photo: Kajetan Steiner
Latest TRAXX Developments
Such is the pace of developments within TRAXX family of locomotives that in this number of Railvolution we bring you yet another selection of short news items and reports from across Europe.
On 14 October 2009 fifteen of them sallied forth from their birthplace as a remarkable train of locomotives, seen in the accompanying photo near Hünfeld, en route to safe storage facilities at Neuoffingen, between Ulm and Augsburg. The composition includes TRAXX AC locomotives 185 607 to 619, and 633 and 634.
Photo: Albert Hitfield
More Than A Decade Of Vehicle Crash Protection
In 1998 the joint European Research Project SAFETRAIN led to a Europe-wide discussion of passenger protection in severe train collisions. Before that, SNCF had pioneered crash concepts on trains with the presentation in 1996 of the TGV Duplex.
On 25 September 2009 there was a tragic accident at Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, one of the train drivers being killed.
Photo: Keystone
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Features: diesel shunter TEM TMH 001 on 2 October 2009 after its return to VLRD from the EXPO 1520 exhibition at Moskva