Preview of the Railvolution 5/2014

Morocco Develops High Speed Network
In the mid-1980s Morocco was the first country in Africa to run passenger trains at speeds of 160 km/h, between Casablanca and Rabat. Within a few years it will also be the first African country to possess a 320 km/h high speed line, the first part of an ambitious network.
Artist's impressions of the future Casa Voyageurs station. The existing building, the white structure on the right, is to be retained.
Photo: ONCF
RegioJet’s New Astra Carriage On Tour
The first opportunity the general public had to see this long-awaited vehicle built by Astra Vagoane Călători was at InnoTrans. Following its exhibition in Berlin the carriage was taken on a promotional tour to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The Bmpz carriage during the media presentation held on 6 October 2014 at Praha hl. n. (main station).
Photo: Bohuslav Kotál
Polish „Pendolino“ News
Alstom is now completing the deliveries of PKP Intercity’s batch of 20 Type ED250 (Class 237) EMUs. Under the contract signed in May 2011 all are to be ready by the end of November 2014. Now the timetable is being prepared for when they enter public service the following month.
ED250-013, which has the EVN 2 370 085 - 092, at Warszawa-Grochów on 2 September 2014.
Photo: Wojciech Szpigiel
„RailwayCube Berlin“ (Part 1)
We were inspired for the name of our InnoTrans 2014 report by that of the new structure which now dominates the Messe Berlin trade fair complex. The voluminous CityCube Berlin provided a much needed expansion area, not only for the exhibitors but also for visitors attending the world’s largest rail industry exhibition.
The photo shows a small selection of outdoor exhibits. From left to right there is a DB TWINDEXX Vario rake of stock built by Bombardier, an Ansaldobreda/Bombardier-built ETR 400, destined for FS, a ŽS FLIRT3 EMU built by Stadler, and a ŠKODA’s RegioPanter EMU for ČD.
Photo: Tomáš Kuchta
TsPPK Makes Progress
Moskva-based Tsentralnaya prigorodnaya passazhirskaya kompaniya is keen to assume all the duties associated with a true passenger service operator, and to ensure that it is responsible for offering a consistent quality of journey from end to end for all passengers.
TsPPK’s new grey and green livery is unlikely to last long. The Governor of Moskovskaya oblast recently issued an order that the future corporate livery should be as shown in the photo (ED4M-0460 at Savyolovsky vokzal on 22 October 2014) - white and grey, with a yellow stripe below window level.
Photo: Scrinoid
Trams With European Origins In Sydney
Although it may seem rather unusual, the Sydney tramway network, inaugurated as recently as 1997, currently has three types of tram, all of European design, in service. The oldest vehicles were built by Adtranz, the more recent ones by CAF.
On 20 August 2014 Urbos 100 tram 2118 calls at Lewisham West. These latest trams were built by CAF in Spain and entered commercial service in July 2014.
Photo: Michael James
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Features: 2ES5-002 on the Shcherbinka test circuit on 10 August 2013