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Flying Through The Saudi Arabian Desert

On 25 September 2018 in Jeddah, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud announced, prior to boarding the first public high speed train to Madinah: „We thank Allah for the growth and prosperity in all fields in our country, and we thank Allah Almighty for His grace. Thank you.“ Thus ended the lengthy construction saga of Saudi Arabia’s Haramain Railway, the first high speed railway in the Middle East, linking the two most sacred cities in the Islamic world. „Haramain“ or „Haram“ translates as ‘The Two Holy Sanctuaries’.


 Talgo’s T350 high speed trains are today’s „flying carpets“ in Saudi Arabia. The „waves“ in two shades of green in the livery could symbolise a flying carpet or the undulations of desert dunes, and also reflects the green and white of the Saudi flag.

„MoreTrans“, Part 1

Messe Berlin’s ExpoCenter City is expanding once again. That means More Messe, and naturally, More InnoTrans, in 2020 and subsequent years. The new exhibition hall is known as hub27, the 27th in the series of numbered halls.


An aerial view of the main outdoor exhibition at InnoTrans 2018. This was taken the day before the official opening, on 17 September. All space was fully booked, as on previous occasions.


Between 1 and 3 October 2018 the first international PRO//Motion.1520 transport and logistics forum, this particular event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the foundation of RZD, took place at the Sochi Media Centre. The event hosted over 1,400 delegates from 16 countries and around 340 companies.


During the Forum several important contracts and agreements were signed. Here Yevgeny Gritsenko, Uralskie lokomotivy’s Chairman of the Board of Directors of and Oleg Belozyorov, sign the purchase contract for ten Class 2ES7 locomotives


Outside the InnoTrans exhibition area, on the first day of the trade fair, Stadler offered a selected number of invited guests a dynamic presentation of its new FLIRT AKKU EDMU. A three-car prototype was completed at Pankow works, its EVN being 94 80 1427 500-2 D-STAP. In August 2018 it received all the necessary authorisation, enabling it to make its inaugural passenger-carrying journey on 18 September. Its first passengers were exclusively representatives of European public transport authorities.


The run was from the Pankow factory out to Schildow (in the northern outer suburbs of the capital) and back.

Visit To Bombardier Hennigsdorf Works

Like in 2016, Bombardier organised a press tour to its Hennigsdorf works (this forming the “extension" to Messe Berlin’s ground). The highlight of the Hennigsdorf presentation on 20 September 2018 was the new battery-operated Class 8442 Talent 3 BEMU.


It is a three-car train, with a Bo’2’2’Bo’ axle arrangement. Its end cars are numbered 8442 100 and 8442 500 and the intermediate trailer 8442 600.

And much more!

Cover of 5/2018

Features: a 1,435 mm gauge 80-foot Class Sggrs articulated platform wagon designed for the transport of heavyweight containers, built by OVK, presented at InnoTrans 2018

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