Preview of the Railvolution 6/2013

The „Corredor Mediterráneo“ Evolves
In early January 2013 the inauguration of two short stretches of high speed line, under Barcelona and between Girona and Figueres in Catalunya, opened up potentially exciting new travel prospects by rail between Iberia and the rest of Europe. However nearly a year elapsed before suitable trains were authorised, enabling provision of through high speed services linking Spanish and French cities.
Locomotives 252 028 and 007 heading a HUPAC service between Milano and Barcelona-Morrot, crossing the blue viaduct at Llinars del Vallès on 27 January 2013.
Photo: Juanjo Rodríguez
Passenger Service News On The 1,520 mm Gauge
In mid-September 2013 Siemens started deliveries of the first cars to be formed into the first train of the second batch of Velaro RUS EMUs (see R 5/13, p. 21), of which RZD has ordered eight.
The first train, EVS1-09, taking to Russian rails from the ferry at Ust-Luga port on 3 December 2013.
Photo: Siemens
940 Trains Now Sold - FLIRTomania Continues!
On 6 December 2013 the first two FLIRT EMUs were handed over to the Hungarian-Austrian railway operator GYSEV at Sopron, and since 15 December the trains are being used on the upgraded Sopron - Szombathely - Szentgotthárd line.
On 19 December 2013 at Szentgotthárd meets 415 500 (left) and 415 501. On the right is ÖBB’s Desiro 5022 035.
Photo: Jozef Gulík
TRAKO 2013
The TRAKO International Railway Fair celebrated its 10th anniversary in Gdańsk between 24 and 27 September 2013. On this occasion the venue was moved to the more spacious facilities offered by the new AmberExpo Exhibition & Convention Centre.
Here we see various exhibits at Gdańsk-Stadion Expo station, which was built in readiness for the 2012 football championships. The photo was taken on 24 September 2013.
Photo: Jaromír Pernička
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Cover of 6/2013

Features: 380.004 at the head of Ex 123 „Fatra“ on 1 October 2013 just before reaching Žilina.