ČD Invites Passenger Stock Tenders

posted on 14th Apr 2016 15:54

In anticipation of possible receipt of substantial EU co-finance via Cohesion Fund, on 13 April 2016 ČD invited three tenders for framework contracts for passenger stock. The size and nature of the potential orders will depend on what services ČD is awarded under contracts and the amount of subsidisation these will be entitled to. One tender involves up to 50 carriages (open saloons) for use on international expresses, designed for top service speeds of at least 230 km/h. Up to 30 DMUs are envisaged for long distance domestic services, one version with 120 seats, the other with 180 seats. Up to 20 EMUs are planned for long distance domestic services, one version with 200 seats, the other with 320 seats. These illustrations come from ČD's design manual for interiors of trains used on middle-distance and local services, so that are representative of what the new stock could look like. The red upholstery is used in first class, the blue in second.
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