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New Trams For Darmstadt

posted on 6th Jan 2020 08:28

Stadler announced today that it was selected as the winner of the HEAG mobilo tender for the delivery of 14 trams, with an option for up to 30 more. The trams are of the Stadler’s new Type ST15, introduced on the market in a very short time. The contract worth around 62 million EUR is the very first one for the new family, which was planned and developed during the last years.

HEAG mobilo ST15 trams will be five-car low-floor uni-directional vehicles, 43 m long and 2.4 m wide, with 103 seats and with space for 181 standing passengers. The trams designed for the 1,000 mm track gauge and the supply voltage of 600/750 V will have a maximum speed of 70 km/h. Stadler stated that there is used a new and innovative bogie technology which helps to optimise installation space, increase passenger comfort as well as improve the maintainability and economic efficiency of the vehicles.

The position of the wheelchair spaces in the multi-purpose areas is identical to that in the HEAG mobilo’s current fleet in order to make it easier for passengers to find their way around the new trams. Large panoramic windows provide a clear view and, together with the high ceiling, create a feeling of spaciousness. The trams are equipped with air conditioning systems that use the CO2 natural refrigerant.

The new trams are scheduled to start passenger service in mid-2022. We asked Stadler for more technical information, but the company explained that it is planning to present this new tram concept later in 2020, among others at InnoTrans.

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