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RailRunner Starts Up Services In Europe

posted on 27th Jul 2017 19:14

Over several years Massachusetts-based RailRunner has been developing plans to implement its bi-modal technology in Europe. At present it is envisaged that the first such trains may run in 2019. In the meantime the company’s subsidiary RailRunner Europe is poised to start up services using a conventional system - semitrailers carried on pocket wagons. The first services are to start on 31 July 2017. On the 26th a couple of runs were made, between Braunschweig and Bratislava. The northbound train ran empty, the southbound one with empty semitrailers, to make them available for loading in Slovakia. This photo was taken on 27 July near Přelouč in the Czech Republic, showing the southbound train, hauled by ČD Cargo’s Vectron 383.002.
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