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International trade fair of the railway technology,
products and services for the rail and city transport.

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3M ČESKO, spol. s r.o.

3M ČESKO, spol. s r.o.

Innovative solutions and technologies

3M as a world leader in adhesive solution is certified supplier of major European railways and manufactures of rail vehicles with wide product portfolio including adhesives, sealants, tapes, protective foils, label materials and reclosable fasteners.

In the railway section you can find solutions from more than 40 technology platforms, for instance adhesive systems, grinding material, foils, occupational health and safety products.

A significant part of 3M ´s culture is innovation. Annually 3M invests more than one billion U.S. dollars in research and development, in which about 7,000 of the world‘s 75 000 employees are active. With establishments in more than 60 countries, 3M belongs to the greatest international inventors with more than 26.000 patents demonstrating its innovative strength.

We are looking forward to meet you at our booth. More information please find on www.3m.cz or call +420 261 380 200.
Advanced World Transport a.s.

Advanced World Transport a.s.

The AWT brand provides an umbrella for a group of transport and logistics companies with 60 years of experience and international renown. AWT is directly represented in eight European countries and cooperates with a broad network of partners worldwide.

AWT delivers transportation services, especially by rail where the Group ranks among the largest private transporters in the whole of Europe. The Group also operates rail forwarding, comprehensive rail siding services and an extensive fleet of more than 160 locomotives and 6,000 wagons. AWT, as one of the pioneers of intermodal transport, owns a strategically positioned terminal at Ostrava-Paskov. The Group also offers road, air and sea transport, complete with associated services.

In addition to the transport of coal, chemical products, steel, timber and paper, AWT also consolidates its position with shipments of automotive parts and container transport. The Group’s range of services also includes landscape reclamation.


· controllers
· rail brakes
· switches
· couplers
· heating units
· switchgears
· DC supplies

· DC disconnectors
· power contacts
BORCAD cz s.r.o.

BORCAD cz s.r.o.

reddot design award 2012 for seat COMFORT

At the beginning of March 2012, the railway seat COMFORT was awarded with “reddot” in the category “product design”. This prize, being one of the most important in the field of design, has been awarded annually since 1995 by the Design Zentrum Nordrheim Westfalen. This year’s international professional committee consisting of 30 members made a choice from total of 4,515 exhibits signed-up from 58 countries of the world.

COMFORT railway seat is designed to be extremely comfortable seat of new generation for medium and long distances. Because of modular concept those seats can be supplied in two construction variants - for the 1st and 2nd class. This concept also allows the flexibility for customer demands, even the variability of equipment.

The original solution of possibility to adjust the position this type of seat allows passengers comfortable sitting while a long journey. It also provides more personal space than competitive seats at any way of assembly. The exclusive design creates prestigious interiors and comfortable traveling.

You are very welcome to have a look on our product portfolio and visit us at our booth No. 11 at Hall A1!



KINEX BEARINGS belong to leaders concerning deliveries of axle cylindrical roller bearings for railway industry in Europe.
The beginning of production of single row cylindrical roller bearings for railway axleboxes dates back to 1959.
Single row cylindrical roller bearings for railway industry are produced in accordance with requirements of European Standard EN 12080 and have been tested according to European Standard EN 12080 or UIC 515-5. Cylindrical roller bearings are characterized by low friction resistance, low temperature, low component wear and high load rating.
Row cylindrical roller bearings from KINEX BEARINGS are using in:
- axle seatings of freight wagons, passenger coaches, electric and diesel locomotives,
- transmission
- traction motors and generators
- compressor´s motors, fans motors
- exciters and charging dynamos of electric and diesel locomotives

In case of axlebox seatings of freight wagons, KINEX BEARINGS offers delivery of axlebox bearings for 22,5 and 25 tons axle load.
Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o.

Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o.

We are the largest repair plant of rail freight wagons in Czech Republic.

Our main activities are:
- modernizations, refurbishments and repairs
- development, design and production of new railway vehicles inclusive of expert assistance with approval
- repairs and renewals of spare parts, structural elements
- design and manufacturing of special tools and machinery for repair of wagons, components and for manipulation with them.

At the fair we are going to present a prototype of new rail freight wagon, category Falns(s), type 9-436.1.The four axle open hopper wagon is designed for operation in „SS“ mode.The wagon is intended for transport of loose materials, like coke, coal and gravel sand, with grain size from 2 to 250 mm. The wagon design enables fast loading and unloading. The side flaps are operated pneumatically or manually. The wagon design enables divided discharging.
RMT Ltd. – supplier of special instruments

RMT Ltd. – supplier of special instruments

We supply special devices for measurement of geometrical parameters of tram and railway wheels, automated non contact gaging system for control of 27 geometric parameters of wheelpairs, monitoring and testing of longitudinal profile of the rail-wing head roll surface.

- Wheel diameter measuring gauge with Bluetooth interface
- Laser wheel profilemeter with Bluetooth interface
- Back-to-back distance measurement gauge with Bluetooth interface
- Automated systems for geometrical parameters of wheel sets

Welcome to our booth A2-10 at Czech Raildays

More information on Devices

ROT-Hsware spol. s r. o. – Manufacture of industrially measuring and control systems.

ROT-Hsware spol. s r. o. – Manufacture of industrially measuring and control systems.

KROT-Hsware spol. s r. o. – Production of industrial measuring and control systems

Recently we have been involved in the development and manufacture the measurement equipment KM13, which is designed for operation and check measurements of quasi-static forces exerted by a pantographic traction current collector of rail vehicles within the range of its operation stroke in accordance with the EN 50206-1 standard. At the present time we supply it into the major industrial countries.

It comprises:
1) The measuring equipment KM13 with accessory equipment. This measurement equipment measures the progress of the compressive force within the entire collector operating range. It is positioned underneath the collector being measured by means of a special clamp and is connected with the collector head by a cable suspender fitted with a hook.
2) The processing equipment is a personal computer which processes the measurement readings taken by the KM13 equipment. It is placed in it´s vicinity at the operator’s station.
Sklenář s.r.o.

Sklenář s.r.o.

Sklenář s.r.o. is associated with the area of rail transport more than 15 years, especially as a supplier of lubricants and friction modifiers for wheels and rails. We conclude solving the problem of wear of wheels and rails by offering special gauges MiniProf for recording and evaluation of cross profiles. The control of adhesion on slippery track we supplement with sanding equipment with innovative jet Sandmaus V4®.
In cooperation with strong foreign partners are able to give advice and choose the best solution for our customers. We provide consultancy and carry out installation, training, customer service and long-term monitoring.

If you want to learn more about our activities and offered products visit our booth A1-16 or contact us via www.sklenar.cz.
TEDOM a.s.

TEDOM a.s.

TEDOM company produces combustion engines, buses, co-generation units and operates thermal-power systems.

The TEDOM engines have a long tradition in the railway applications. This tradition was started almost fifty years ago by the very popular LIAZ engines.

The TEDOM engines are used not only in the regional passenger transport, in the railcars Class 810, 842, 843 and RegioNova DMUs, but also in the shunter and siding locomotives of lower outputs, and in many special

machines and applications. The TRAIN series of engines fulfils the emission limits of the UIC III.B railway standard. The Diesel railway engines of the TRAIN series are available with the outputs 242, 265 and 310 kW.

All TEDOM engines are available in vertical or horizontal versions, suitable for installation under the vehicle floor.




UniControls company is a regular exhibitor of Czech Raildays. Train Communication Network developed in cooperation with Alstom belongs to the most sucessful products of this company and has been already applied in Pendolino Class 680 of CD, in Minuetto and Lanzaderas in Italy and Spain. Within the delivery to Alstom, it will be applied also in other countries. Technology licence has been sold to Canadian company Quester Tangent Corporation and the product will be mounted in Bombardier rail cars intended for New Jersey Transit.

UniControls systems have been operating in other countries as well, i.e. in Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Ukajine, etc.
Wikov MGI a.s.

Wikov MGI a.s.

Wikov MGI a.s. is a traditional manufacturer of the mechanical gearboxes and gear wheels with spur and helical gearing for rail vehicles. During 2007-2009 Wilkov will invest almost 8 mil. EUR into building new factory buildings and cca 28 mil. EUR into the machinery equipment. These investments are mainly a reaction to the worldwide increasing demand for mechanical gearboxes and gear wheels in many engineering branches. With the announced investments, Wikov will ensure extension of the production capacities for more than 60%, accomplish higher accuracy during gearing parts manufacturing, and will shorten the delivery times.