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Alstom Unveils Its HS2 Train Design

posted on 5th Jun 2019 10:56

On 5 June 2019 Alstom unveiled its proposed design for HS2 Ltd. The train is designed to meet all requirements for a modern and flexible train which is as comfortable on the conventional network as it is on the new HS2 infrastructure. By integrating HS2 infrastructure and the conventional network from Scotland all the way down to the south of England, HS2 will become the critical driving force in revitalising towns and cities all across the country, and especially in the midlands and the north.

„Alstom’s vision is to make HS2 trains a timeless design classic, with a passenger experience that is as smooth, calm and spacious as it is high speed“ said Nick Crossfield, Managing Director for Alstom in UK and Ireland. HS2 Ltd intends to make a decision on the rolling stock contract award in 2020.

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