Stadler 2020 (1)

ČD's GTW 2/6 DMUs Start Operation

posted on 16th Feb 2020 10:08

After the Czech rail authority Drážní úřad (DÚ) approved the test operation of units 646.020, 024, 026 and 027 on a few specified lines, two of them (646.026 and 027) carried out test runs between Olomouc hl. n. and Moravský Beroun on 14 February 2020. A day later, 646.026 realised the test runs from Olomouc hl. n. to Senice na Hané,  Drahanovice and Litovel předměstí. As of 17 February, these former DB Regio’s DMUs are expected to start the local PSO services on the Olomouc hl. n. - Senice na Hané - Drahanovice line.

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