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First Test Runs Of A GTW 2/6 DMU Acquired By ČD

posted on 17th Jan 2020 10:37

On 16 January 2020, the first test runs of one of the GTW 2/6s acquired by ČD took place. The day before, 646 026 was pulled from Olomouc to Lysá nad Labem and subsequently carried out test runs in the Lysá nad Labem - Všetaty section under its own power, at speeds of up to 120 km/h. The reason was to carry out the tests necessary to obtain a permit to operate on the Czech network. One difference from conditions on DB Netz is a different angle of rails inclination.

Units 646 020, 026 and 027 are currently being prepared for operation on the Olomouc - Senice na Hané - Drahanovice line, while repeated tender for overall renovation and adjustment of all twelve DMUs acquired was opened in late December 2019. The first tender was annulled on account of no bidder being interested to take part.

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