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First Yellow Vectron

posted on 21st Nov 2014 14:32

On 21 November 2014 at Praha hl. n. (main station) RegioJet and Siemens presented 193 214, the first of three machines RegioJet is to hire for its Bratislava - Košice services in Slovakia. The second photo shows Student Agency/RegioJet owner, Radim Jančura (on the right), and Czech Siemens’s Rail Systems Division and Mobility and Logistics Division Director, Roman Kokšal. Since this type of Vectron had been granted approval for test commercial operation in Slovakia on 14 November 2014, it was then possible to move 193 214 there for further preparations to be made. It left Praha on 21 November piloting 162 116 hauling train IC 1011 Praha -Žilina, and is shown in the final photo of this series at Česká Třebová. It came off the train at Hranice na Moravě and ran light engine southwards to Bratislava. Here it was used for staff training over the weekend of 22/23 November. Afterwards it was to be used on RegioJet’s trains IC 1003/1010 between Žilina and Košice until the end of the 2014 timetable in mid-December.
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