More Dragon 2 Locomotives

posted on 12th Dec 2018 18:10

Following a Dragon E6ACTa-001 prototype (see Railvolution 3/18, p. 18) Newag was building since summer 2018 a further nine Dragon 2 locomotives, E6ACTa-002 to 010. By September six locomotives had been finished, all nine are expected to be completed by the end of the year. Three, E6ACTa-001 to 003, designated ET25-001 to 003 under the conventional Polish system, are destined for PKP Cargo following the July 2018 Letter of Intent. ET25-001 and 002 wear PKP Cargo’s standard livery, ET25-003 has been covered in red and white vinyls to commemorate the centenary of Poland’s independence. Some of the remaining Dragon 2s are destined for STK of Wroclaw.

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