New 250 W DC/DC Converters For Railway Applications

posted on 1st Jul 2020 16:37

MTM Power has developed the new series PCMDS250 DC/DC converter for universal applications in railway and vehicle technology. It is based on a revision of the series PCMD250 converter after more than 10 years of successful market presence. The aim of the development was a further increase in efficiency and reliability and the integration of various features such as "Power Good" signalling and stand-by operation.

The converters with a 24 V DC output voltage deliver an output power of 250 W. The design of the output voltage with U/I characteristic allows the supply of critical loads and charging of batteries (optional Uout = 27.6 V DC). Two input voltage ranges according to EN 50155 are available: 24 V DC (16.8 to 30.0 V DC) and 110 V DC (50.4 to 137.5 V DC) which allow the operation of the DC/DC converters on common battery or on-board networks in Europe, in track-side applications and in stationary railway systems.

The devices have got an "Output Voltage OK" signal as potential-free contact as well as remote control to place the converter in a standby mode with the lowest power consumption. An undervoltage shutdown protects the converter as well as the application from damage during "Brown out" effects of the supply voltage. Using a primary-related control input RC (Remote Control), they can be put in a stand-by mode with lowest power consumption; thus, contributing to a longer availability of the supplied systems, especially during battery operation.

Designed for an operating temperature range of -40 to + 70 °C the cooling is guaranteed either by the integrated heat sink (option WK) or by mounting the base plate on a heat dissipating surface. The compact dimensions of 156.6 x 86 x 55 mm or 156.6 x 162 x 55 mm (option WK) and the high packing density allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different power supply tasks in railway applications.

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