USB Chargers For Railway Vehicles

posted on 22nd Aug 2020 08:10

Almost everyone uses mobile electronic communication devices such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks today. Even if battery technology has made considerable progress in this area in recent years, at some point every device has to be recharged - even on the way. Thus, more and more USB charging stations are also being offered in long-distance and regional trains as well as suburban trains and trams.

MTM Power has developed a series of USB chargers that are suitable for mobile use, especially for supplying charging stations on railway vehicles. Special attention was paid to an ESD-protected design of the charging ports to avoid charger damages from electrostatic discharges. Optionally for operation on 115/230 V AC mains (PCMAS24-USB) or 24 or 72/110 V DC battery voltages according to EN 50 155 (PCMGS14-USB), they are available with one or two charging ports.

The devices supply up to 2 A per charging port; the charging current between the charger and the charging client is determined by communication lines based on USB specifications. If the communication lines are not connected or there is no communication, the charging client is supplied with the standard charging current of 500 mA according to the USB specification. This prevents overloading and damage of the end devices.

The encapsulated and maintenance-free devices are primary and secondary connected via spring clamps. They fulfill all relevant railway standards including the fire protection directive.

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