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New Platform Wagons For Arkhbum

posted on 4th Feb 2020 18:18

In mid-January 2020 UWC (OVK) announced that it had signed a contract with Arkhbum for 25 new Model 13-6852-02 platform wagons for timber, scheduled for delivery by the end of March 2020. With this batch, the number of OVK-built wagons in Arkhbum’s fleet will rise to 305.

The Model 13-6852-02 wagons can carry payloads of up to 74 t on a 40-foot loading length, and are designed so that their potential loading volume can be used to the maximum extent, while ensuring that the loaded timber is not damaged. The wagons are mounted on bogies with a 25 t axle-load and have a loading volume of 122 m3. The 1,520 mm gauge Model 13-6852-02 platform wagon is 14,620 mm long over couplings, weighs 25.5 t tare, and can carry 5 m3 more timber, packed at a density of 0.8 t per m3, than can a standard timber platform wagon. It is designed for a top service speed of 120 km/h.

Construction is taking place at the TikhvinSpetsMash factory  in Tikhvin, which in the past has built platform wagons for timber transport for a number of logging concerns and transport companies. Arkhbum is one of the large railway freight operators in Russia - its fleet comprises 2,432 wagons and eight diesel locomotives.

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