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New Vectrons For ČD Cargo And For Others

posted on 22nd Dec 2017 09:08

On 21 December 2017 the last two Vectron MS locomotives so far ordered by ČD Cargo, 383.007 and 008, crossed Germany en route to the VUZ Velim test centre. This photo shows them near Schkortleben, south of Halle. They arrived at Velim on the 22nd. It is planned to hand them over to ČD Cargo early in the New Year. There have also been other recent deliveries of Vectrons, both instances involving the first locomotives of batches on order. The next photo in this sequence shows 193 461 and 462. These are the first of 18 Vectron MSes on order for LokRoll, which is to hire them to SBB Cargo International. This photo was taken in München-Allach works. The two locomotives departed from there on 11 December, bound for Switzerland. They are now being used for staff training purposes, both on light engine runs, and hauling commercial freights. The third photo was taken on 1 December 2017. It shows 476 451, the first of seven Vectron AC LM locomotives ordered by Coop subsidiary railCare. The photo was taken at Schafisheim, where 476 451 started service that day. Since then it has been employed regularly on freights between there and Felsberg in Graubünden canton. Here, on track shared with RhB, it uses catenary energised at 11 kV AC.
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