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ÖBB’s cityjet Enters Service

posted on 17th Dec 2015 20:36

At the start of the 2016 timetable, ÖBB put its first two cityjet EMUs into service on S80 Unter Purkersdorf - Hütteldorf - Wien Hbf. - Hirschstetten. 4746 001 was put into service here early on the morning of 13 December 2015, while 4746 002 spent that day on other services, taking it from Wien to Linz. From Linz it travelled to three other stations, to be presented there. The train’s first duty was on REX 1606 from Wien Westbf. to Sankt Pölten. This photo was taken at Wien Westbf. This was an exceptional itinerary undertaken by the train, since the Class 4746s are not envisaged to use Wien Westbahnhof on their regular diagrams.
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