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OVK Gondolas For Alpina

posted on 4th Sep 2020 07:43

On 25 August 2020 OVK (UWC) and Alpina of Smolensk, the manufacturer of inorganic chemicals (part of the Konkord group of industrial enterprises), have signed a contract for the batch of 50 Model 12-9853 gondola wagons, to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020. They are representing the very first order for this OVK wagon type in the Alpina's history.

The 120 km/h 25 t axle-load Model 12-9853 gondola is 13,920 mm long over couplings, its tare weight is 25 t, its payload of up to 75 tonnes, and a body volume of 92 m3, enabling to carry up to 10 % more of freight compared to the 23.5 t axle-load gondolas.

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