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OVK Launched Dumpcars On The Market

posted on 4th Apr 2019 14:50

OVK (UWC, United Wagon Company) expands its product portfolio and introduces its new dumpcars to the market, intended for the transportation and automated discharge of bulk and lump construction aggregates and ore mining products. OVK offers two types with drop sides and two-way discharge: Model 32-6982-01, destined for fine bulk cargoes, and Model 32-6982 for coarse ore rocks.

The Dumpcar prototypes are currently subjected to a variety of preliminary and certification tests to be awarded a RS FZhT certificate. Their batch production is scheduled to start before the end of 2019. The first two batches will be delivered to the transportation companies „Fast Delivery“ (25 wagons) and „BrIK“ (20 wagons).

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