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Škoda Invests In Its Pzeň Works

posted on 25th Jul 2020 09:12

Škoda Transportation has recently started construction of a new production and testing facility in Plzeň. In 2020 and 2021 the company will invest more than 800 million CZK (around 30 million EUR) in its main premises there. As part of a major investment project, the Plzeň production base awaits, for example, the expansion of new facilities for the bogie production.

„Škoda will be able to use the new welding, paint or blasting boxes. The equipment will be really at a high technological level - we will build, for example, a new modern robotic workplace for welding. The production capacity will also be strengthened, for example, by computer-controlled machine tools for about 80 million CZK“ says Pavel Novák, Vice President for Investments and Asset Management of Škoda Transportation.

The second important area of ​​investment will be construction of a new test facility, where it will be possible to test all vehicles or their components. „The field of testing of vehicles and their components is one of the key factors in today's industry, and as Škoda's production grows, we are therefore strengthening this area as well” says Novák. As part of this investment project worth 320 million CZK (around 12 million EUR) the company will build a new transport system, which will include new siding tracks and a connection the Správa železnic network.

All investments will be accompanied by a massive recruitment of new employees. It is expected to increase the workforce by more than a thousand during this and next year.

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