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TPE’s Class 397s On Test In Spain

posted on 13th May 2019 22:35

For testing of its trains built for UK, CAF is using also a stretch of line between Zaragoza, Tardienta and Huesca. Recently the Class 397 EMUs for TPE started testing there. This 1,435 mm gauge line is part of Spain’s high speed network, but has a sparse high speed service in addition to an infrequent 1,668 mm gauge local service. Between Zaragoza and Tardienta there are two tracks, one each of 1,668 and 1,435 mm gauge (the track nearest the camera is the 1,668 mm gauge line from Zaragoza to Lleida and Barcelona), with three-rail dual gauge single track thence to Huesca, and 25 kV AC electrification. 

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