KISS EMUs For DB Regio

posted on 5th Jun 2019 12:06

DB Regio and Stadler signed today a contract worth approximately 220 million EUR for delivery of 18 double deck four-car 160 km/h KISS EMUs for use on the Elektronetz Ost network. Once again, DB Regio has been commissioned to operate the latter network to the north-east of the Hamburg region - starting in December 2022 the KISSes will be used here for the first time.

This order from Schleswig-Holstein means that DB Regio now uses Stadler vehicles in seven federal states, however the KISSes are being used for the first time by DB Regio in Germany. According to the contract, the new EMUs will be tested from June 2022 to ensure a smooth operational start in December 2022.

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