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Stockholm Norvik Port Connected To The Rail Network

posted on 16th Apr 2020 17:12

Over the Easter weekend the industrial branch line that Ports of Stockholm has built to Stockholm Norvik Port was connected to the railway network and electrified. This creates a direct railway link to and from the port on the Green Cargo intermodal network for national and international transport.

An investment of around 73 million EUR, the new industrial branch line is 4,400 m long, with an additional 360 m of track at the port esplanade to enable the wagons to be loaded and unloaded. A railway yard has also been built. This has three 750 m long tracks where trains can be coupled together, as well as a 100 m siding. Ports of Stockholm owns and is responsible for the operation of the branch line. Customers can now book transportation directly via Green Cargo, who offers scheduled intermodal transport solutions across the entire Green Cargo network.

Stockholm Norvik Port opens in 2020, has a 44 ha surface and a 1,325 m quay, and is 16.5 m depth alongside. It will replace the existing container terminal at Stockholm’s Frihamnen Port and comprises two main operational areas. One is the container terminal that will replace the Container Terminal at Frihamnen Port in Stockholm. This will be run by Hutchison Ports, one of the world's largest container terminal operators, with 52 ports in 27 countries. The other is a RoRo terminal for rolling goods. This will be run by Ports of Stockholm. 

Around 50 % of the Swedish consumption takes place in the Stockholm region. Stockholm Norvik Port is:
- the nearest container terminal to Sweden’s largest market,
- closest to the fairway than any other ports on the east coast,
- Baltic Sea’s new modern deep sea port built to handle direct calls by main liners,
- short steaming time to all important ports in the Baltic Sea, 
- strong intermodal connections to the rest of Sweden.

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