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The Shinkansen N700 Series Evolves Still Further

Following the creation of the Series N700 and N700A, on 10 March 2018 at Hamamatsu depot JR Central presented the latest J0 prototype, referred to as the Series N700S version („S“ standing for „Supreme“).


The 16-car J0 prototype Series N700S Shinkansen during a test run on 24 June 2018. 

„MoreTrans“, Part 3

Here we reach the final part of our customary, unique and in-depth three-part InnoTrans report. Given the huge number of exhibits, our focus here is mainly on urban transport rolling stock, wagons and related components.


The first of the new trains for the Glasgow Subway with fleet numbers 301 - 317 was exhibited at InnoTrans.

1,520 mm Gauge News

With the introduction of the 2019 timetable on 9 December 2018 St. Peterburg-based SZPPK put the first two of its four last ordered Class ES2G five-car Lastochka Standard EMUs in service. The other two were delivered from the UL works in Verkhnaya Pyshma before the end of the month.


The photo was taken at St. Peterburg-Glavny on 10 December 2018 showing recently delivered ES2G-238 about to depart for Tosno.

Mercitalia Fast’s New High Speed Freight Service

On 29 October 2018 Mercitalia Logistics held a ceremony prior to the start-up of a new high speed freight service, branded „Mercitalia Fast“. This makes use of one Class ETR 500 EMU, which has had its interior remodelled to carry freight consignments. 


ETR 500 M01 during the presentation held in the Maddaloni-Marcianise terminal on 29 October 2018.

All Trouble On The Western Front

The title is derived from a well-known novel by Erich Maria Remarque. At present the problems with express train services between Praha and München over the 'Western Front' of the Czech Republic are making unwelcome headlines . . .


The photo was taken at Plzeň hl.n. on 10 February, and shows 842.003 coupled to 954.218, the indicator on the left suggesting that this essentially local train formation is in reality the Ex 360 to München.

And much more!

Cover of 1/2019

Features: The Lev („Lion“) tram at PC Transport Systems St. Peterburg works, a 34.7 m long vehicle, available for 1,435 mm gauge, targeted in particular at the European market.