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All Siemens Reserve Stock Of Tauruses Sold

posted on 11th Jan 2014 16:41

Steiermarkbahn Transport und Logistik (STB) of Graz recently announced that it had signed a contract with Siemens to acquire 183 717, the last of the "white" Tauruses kept as reserve stock by the manufacturer. As a result the very last Taurus has been sold, following on from the handover of 183 714, 718 and 719 to AWT in November and December 2013. It has been agreed that 183 717 will stay with Siemens until the end March 2015, to be used for ETCS testing. STB will take it over on 1 April 2015. Until then, Siemens has offered STB one of its last Class 189s held in reserve stock, 189 822. Until the arrival of the latter STB had only one really modern, powerful locomotive. This is 1216 960 (former 183 712), shown in the first photo, taken on 30 June 2012, while the newcomer in April will carry the number 1216 961. 189 822 is shown in the second photo taken at Übelbach on 31 December 2013 and has been with STB since 20 December 2013.
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