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First AWT Taurus Handed Over

posted on 25th Nov 2013 22:19

On 22 November 2013 AWT took delivery of 183 714, the first of the three ES64U4s which it has on order. The first photo shows Edin Sose, AWT's chief commercial officer, holding the keys to the locomotive, at VUZ’s test centre in Velim. On his right is Roman Kokšal, Director of the Siemens Mobility and Logistics Division in the Czech Republic. The following day the Eurosprinter hauled its first freight en route to Ostrava. This consisted of two locomotives hauled ‘dead’, together with a rake of seven empty wagons collected at Řečany nad Labem. On the 24th it hauled AWT's regular Paskov - Hamburg container train from Ostrava to Lovosice, as shown in the second photo, taken at Řečany nad Labem. AWT’s other two Eurosprinters are currently still at Velim - the third photo shows 183 718 there on 23 November 2013, while in the final one can be seen a meeting of 183 714 and 718 on the 22nd of the month.
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