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First Container Train Services From Pireás To Central Europe

posted on 12th May 2014 16:25

Over a year following the completion of the new container reloading yard near the quays at Pireás and the connecting branch to the rest of the Greek rail network, container train services heading abroad started up. The first such train left the port in late April bound for Györ, with various subsequent departures. One train also went to Bratislava, and in the second half of June it is also planned to run a test service to the Czech Republic. This photo, taken on 2 May 2014, shows the second Pireás to Györ service traversing the new connecting branch from Neo Ikonion Port to the Thriasion Freight Centre on the line from Kiáto to Athína, hauled by TRAINOSE’s A462 and banked by A503 and A459.
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