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GAMA Marathon Passenger Debut

posted on 2nd Mar 2013 21:16

Having completed its test running with LOTOS Kolej freights in a satisfactory manner, 111Ed-001 is now spending a test period hauling PKP Intercity expresses. It made its debut on 28 February at the head of „Kopernik” train from Bydgoszcz to Warszawa (hauling it together with an EU07 electric), followed on 1 March 2013, departing from Warszawa Wschodnia at the head of TLK 53106 „Norwid” bound for Kraków Główny. The photographs show the locomotive, now wearing PKP IC livery, at Warszawa Wschodnia and leaving the cross-city tunnel near Warszawa-Ochota, with this train. The test runs will also take the GAMA electric to Poznań, Gdynia and Wrocław on TLK and EIC expresses at speeds up to 160 km/h.
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