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Greatly Increased Demand For Intermodal Freight Creates Two New Direct Routes

posted on 18th Feb 2022 19:42

With two new direct domestic routes from Trelleborg and Göteborg, Green Cargo seizes the increasing intermodal traffic arriving at the Southern and Western Sweden ports to continue their journey by rail to the Mälarregion. These routes provide customers within the Green Cargo network with a high departure frequency, fast lead times and punctuality.

On the west coast, Green Cargo connects via the APM and Arken terminals at the Port of Göteborg and goes directly to Rosersberg in northern Stockholm. From the Port of Trelleborg, the freight goes via Nässjö and continues directly to Årsta in southern Stockholm.

“We are responsible for meeting the customers’ requirements and the need for faster and environmentally smarter connections between Skåne and the west coast to and from Mälardalen. It is an efficient solution with long-haul freight by rail and short-haul freight by road, which reduces particle emissions and contributes to increased traffic safety on the roads,” says Jan Elgström Strategic Key Account Manager with responsibility for the direct routes.

Transporting long-haul freight by rail rather than by road considerably reduces environmental impact. Moving the freight by rail between Göteborg and Rosersberg results in an emission of 0.032 kg CO2 compared to 900 kg CO2 emitted by road freight. And between Trelleborg and Årsta, the rail freight would account for 0.04 kg CO2 compared to 1,100 kg CO2 emitted through road transport.

“The strength of our network combined with these two new direct routes enable us to meet varying requirements for everything from individual load carriers to large even flows on a fixed schedule with five to six departures in a week. The solution is optimised for intermodal transportation of trailers, containers, tank containers and swap bodies.” says Jan Elgström.

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