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Happenings At Pars Nova

posted on 15th Dec 2012 22:06

On 12 December 2012 the last Class 814 DMU destined for ČD left the Pars nova works, thus concluding the seven-year project of rebuilds. We took advantage of this occasion to photo some of the other activities being realised at the works. For instance, Class 163 electrics are being transformed into Class 363.5s for ȌD Cargo, and ȌD'€™s Class 842 diesel railcars are being re-engined. One of the main activities at Pars nova now is the repair and modernisation of carriages. In November eight ex-DB carriages belonging to Heros Rail Rent were being checked over prior to being leased by Koleje Śląskie. The photo shows these carriages en route to Poland hauled by LTE's 2016.903 on 30 November 2012. The locomotive visible on the right is ČD Cargo'€™s 750.330.