Stadler 2022

New RhB Fire-Fighting Vehicle

posted on 8th Mar 2022 16:11

Müller Technologie from Frauenfeld is building the four new Xm 2/4 27401 - 27404 fire-fighting and rescue vehicles for the Vereina Tunnel for the RhB.

Since this tunnel does not have a safety gallery, there will be always two of them stationed at each of the tunnel portals, protected from the weather. One of each duo will be used for fire fighting and one for evacuation of passengers. Both types differ only in their superstructures. The first fire-fighting vehicle was delivered on 22 February 2022. The remaining three  will follow during the year.

The new 18.8 m long vehicles will be in used from September 2022. As Müller Technologie is known for converting road vehicles into rail vehicles, the new Clas Xm 2/4s are its very first first purely rail vehicle.

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