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PJM's Static Strength Measurements In The Factory

posted on 24th Jun 2022 14:27

The key data of Plasser&Theurer‘s 09-3X track tamping machine are impressive: 80 tonnes net weight, 35 m length, eight axles, and three-sleeper tamping units. To determine the stresses and deformations of the vehicle frame, PJM carried out pressure frame tests according to EN 12663-1. The strength tests were performed at the Plasser&Theurer‘s Linz factory in June 2022. 

This has clear advantages for the machine manufacturer: the entire on-site infrastructure is used and any adaptations to the object can be coordinated with the design engineers and immediately implemented. Using PJM’s mobile pressure frame allows the tests to be carried out directly in the factory. Thanks to its modular design, the pressure frame is suitable for every type of vehicle. It has proven its effectiveness in static tests in numerous projects.

As an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory, PJM performs measurements, tests, and analyses in the field of vehicle approval. PJM was the first privately accredited testing laboratory in Austria. It carries out approval tests in the areas of driving technology, strength, braking, aerodynamics, and acoustics for international customers worldwide, among them the suburban rail in Berlin, Chicago, and Riyadh, the metros in Barcelona and Glasgow, the London Underground or the WESTbahn.

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