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Rail Cargo Carrier - Slovakia Moves First Regular Freight

posted on 27th Nov 2015 09:58

On 25 November 2015 Rail Cargo Carrier - Slovakia, the Slovakian licensed operator of the Rail Cargo Group, moved its first regular commercial freight under its own licence. This was a one-off occasion, the train being a service from Leoben Donawitz to Poland moving a load of empty Innofreight containers used for coke transport. This train is normally routed up the direct south to north transit line in the eastern Czech Republic, but on this occasion was re-routed from Wien via Bratislava, then via Kúty to enter the Czech Republic, and rejoin its usual route at Břeclav. Haulage was provided between Wien and Kúty by RCH’s 1116 049. Taurus 1216 227 acted as pilot from the Slovakian border station of Kúty to Břeclav, since the Class 1116 had not yet been authorised for use on the Czech section of this stretch of line.
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