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SNCB Class 12 Electrics Moved To The Czech Republic

posted on 7th Mar 2016 18:38

Almost three years after dual-voltage (3 kV DC/25 kV AC) 1203 was moved to the Czech Republic, with a view to rebuilding in readiness for a new phase of life, all 11 surviving Class 12s, 1201, 1202, and 1204 to 1212, made the move simultaneously. They left Stockem, where they had been stored, in eastern Belgium, on 4 March, and reached Česká Třebová very early in the morning of the 7th. Transport to the Czech border was provided by RailAdventure, and from there CZ Logistics took over. The first photo shows the convoy, hauled by RailAdventure’s 139 558, at Zeithain, near Riesa, the other one was taken the following day after arrival in Česká Třebová.
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