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STM Enters The Infrastructure Services Market

posted on 25th Nov 2021 09:05

Sinara Transportnye Mashiny established a new Railway infrastructure division (Zheleznodorozhnaya infrastruktura), the main task of which will be the development and provision of various services for the infrastructure of RZD and other customers. Vitaly Votolevsky, STM Deputy General Director, is an appointed Director of the Division. It is planned that the services will be provided using both the equipment produced by the holding’s enterprises as well as leased one. 

The specialists of the company study the prospects for development and production of high-performance track machines which are currently not being produced by STM enterprises. The company also considers the possibility of cooperation with foreign manufacturers of track equipment, studies the areas of joint work with the VNIIZhT research institute, the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) and the Research and Design Institute for Information Technology, Signaling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation (NIIAS). STM plans to provide the first infrastructure services already in 2022.

Vitaly Votolevsky said: “In the near future we will determine the list of those infrastructure services which we’ll offer both to the national carrier and to industrial enterprises. Already now, we can say that we are interested in providing services for running maintenance and various types of track repair as well as in construction of new infrastructure. It is our plan to actively develop our competencies in the field of welding, grinding and milling of rails. At the same time, it is not a complete list“.

STM Holding includes 13 manufacturing enterprises and 40 service centers for the repair of various track equipment for maintenance, construction and operation of railways as well as RSP-M enterprise (part of the Railway infrastructure division), which specialises in providing services for grinding rails en route and their stationary welding to RZD.

Moreover, together with the Siberian State University of Railways, STM tested a new technology for high-speed rail grinding at the Kuybyshevskaya doroga testing ground in the summer 2021. The obtained results showed a high potential of the new technology which made it possible to increase the quality, speed and efficiency of rail grinding processes almost three times.

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