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Vossloh Fastening Systems For New Heavy-Haul Line In Mongolia

updated on 6th Oct 2020 08:32 posted on 28th Sep 2020 09:40

Vossloh continues to fulfill its contract for the supply of rail fastening systems for a new-built heavy haul line in southern Mongolia. Around 270 km long line will link Tavan Tolgoi, one of the world's largest untapped coking and thermal coal deposits, with Gashuun Sukhait border station at the Chinese border. After its completion, about 30 million tonnes of freight will be transported on the new link each year - with significant environmental advantages compared with the current road haulage. 

Deliveries of the fastening systems started in summer 2020 and an approximately 70 km long section has been completed so far. Under the current plans, construction work will be completed by the end of 2021.

For the haulage of the extreme loads on the 1,520 mm gauge track through the steppe landscapes and the Gobi desert, the line will be equipped with Vossloh’s W 30 HH rail fastening system. This is ideally suited for the demanding climatic conditions, such as extremely hot summers and winter temperatures down to -40 °C, as well as for the challenging soil conditions in Mongolia. The system first proved itself on the test track constructed in 2017 near the capital Ulaanbaatar and has since been used successfully in various projects.

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